One of the perils of self publishing

Herald’s Call hit createspace’s printers (or print on demand printing devices) late on the 5th – appearing for sale on Amazon very late that day. On the 6th I was breezing through the manuscript for usuable quotes and noticed something… odd;


‘Don’t 315isappoint me’


Pardon? I thought, checking it again to make sure I hadn’t gone mad. For some reason completely best known to itself Word had decided to replace a single letter with the page number.


June 7th. Resubmitted all files after minor correction to be reviewed again prior to be released… again… on amazon.


Whilst this incident is exceedingly annoying (and lucky it was noticed considering how tiny an error it was), it does highlight a major pitfall that anyone wanting to write has to be careful of. In this day and age, it seems likely that almost all authors and writers are using word processing programs of one description or another to do their work – be it Office Word or anything similar. The problem we need to be careful of, is what happens what we have saved our work in one format, and then change it to another in order to fit in with a publisher’s requirements (in my case – createspace).

As I had not come across this problem with the first time around, I naturally assumed that the only irritating thing reformatting would do would be to muck about the layout of chapters (I try to make it a habit to always start a new chapter on an odd page number). Easily noticed and corrected, I’d not had any problems. 

Second time around however highlighted just how important it is to double, triple and quadruple check everything, everytime you make even a minor change to the document. Word programs can do weird things – like decide two words need to be closer together than normal (giving the impression there isn’t a space between them) or decide that a word you have written is so utterly  wrong that it must be corrected whether you like it or not (I find this will come up particularly with British/US styles of the same word). Perhaps a word you wrote needs to be spaced out more, because your word processor god demands it? In this case, it randomly decided that the ‘d’ in ‘d’isappoint had to be replaced with the page number. Because.


For future reference to all of us who would like to write and publish. Always check after you change your document settings, lest you find yourselves 315isappointed.


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