A Long year!

I can’t quite believe its been over a year since updating!

Resolution 1 for 2015: Update blog regularly!

Anyway, though the search for a publisher continues in vain there have been several updates;

Firstly – Heralds shadow!

Heralds Shadow Cover Kindle

The signet of Nallaimor is now the front cover of book 3 in the series – and has received pleasingly good reviews (consistent best so far! Though I’ll admit I’ve only had 2 reviews…better than none!)

Book 3 has completed the first stage of the saga, setting the tone for the conflict that will come in the next three books.

Speaking of which, I took a bit of a hiatus on the Herald’s saga for the past year – giving me time to play around with ideas of how to approach the fourth in the series (The signet is the sea serpent of Geranodor – that’s all I’m saying!)

Most of the past year has been spent in a combination of sorting out family life/finances (real life has such a habit of getting in the way!) and writing a completely separate story called Axis: Empire of Wheels. Axis is largely finished, edited and hopefully ready for waving at publishers in the next few weeks (with luck before Feb!). Like the others, it’ll be made available to Kindle first, with the option for a print on demand softback copy.

All in good time….


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