Covers covers covers

Well planning for book 4 is well underway. Technically this one has been partially written once already (at least the first 2/3) but I wasn’t happy with the way it was turning out and it was even at that point extremely bloated!

So it looks like I’ll be rewriting it more or less from scratch, following a tighter plan. There are now quite a lot of loose plot threads to follow and to keep track on. Its going to be quite a challenge to keep tabs on everyone without distracting from the main story and giving all the characters due time in the limelight – especially keeping it all within a max of 350 pages!

On other news, talking with Ben (my cover artist), about the cover for the new book, he wants to try something a little more adventurous this time. Looks like its going to be a group character cover in the same kind of style as the Star wars movie posters (or the anima tactics rulebook for those of you who may know it).

Whilst I love the idea, I’m not sure if that might prove more of a headache than he thinks it will. Hopefully he’ll get there in sensible time.


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