Image Hello and welcome to Herald’s Blog. My name is Gareth Johns and I am the evil mastermind behind the Fables of Griffon. The Fables are a 9 part (estimated) high fantasy series that I’ve been writing for the past few years. Its only recently however that I’ve recently started to turn it from being an on/off hobby and try to get them published properly. Herald’s Call went up in March 2012, with Herald’s Dawn following on Feb 29 – both on kindle with Herald’s Dawn becoming a self published paperback a couple of months ago.

The purpose of the blog is to give me a place to vent frustrations at the usual problems of finding literary agents, editors, and fighting off the distractions of my wargaming hobby long enough to actually finish writing them! It is also a place to give updates about the series progression, a few occasional teasers and to answer any questions.


It is also my hope that any other budding authors out there who have struggled to get anywhere with their own works might find some ideas and inspirations that they can use to get their own work at least available – even if not actually in book stores.


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