The World of Inwarden


The Fables of Griffon are set across a sweeping vista of different locales and mysterious locations. Great mountain ranges, vast plains, sweeping deserts and  deep, forbidding forests.

This known world is collectively referred to as Inwarden. It stretches from the Great Esera Ocean in the East to the Silver sea in the West. In the far North, the known world ceases at the Mountains of the Crown, and fades into nothing at the Southernmost reaches of the plains of Rone.

At the centre of the known world are the Seven plains; Tyran, Geranodor, Lenateth, Nallaimor, Tiranesh, Isthameer, and Gresaneth. Of these only four remain unblemished by the passage of ages.

Around and within these are a number of smaller realms, some no less powerful or ancient, but scattered nonetheless. Within these lands dwell a multitude of mortal creatures; from humans, orcs and halflings, to mighty dragons and the insular elves.

At the time of the Fable, the Seven plains have long recovered from the devastation of the War of Succession and the long prosperity of mortalkin has allowed long held rivalries and jealousies to fester. Tensions run high between the great realms of the Inwarden as the new era begins…

Tyran – The plain of the Raven – ‘The Raven Rises’

Tyran has long existed within the heart of Inwarden, nestled within the centre of the known world and stretching its border almost to the coasts of the Great Sea. Its people are famed farmers and scholars, and the histories of Tyran are among the most complete of their kind. Blessed with rich and fertile soil, and with an abundance of mineral wealth, the Tyrannique people have held a long dominion over the politics of the known world. Driven by the guiding hand of their faith, they have founded orders of knightly households – the Paladins – across their lands and beyond. These households range in size from a handful of knights or monks to great forces of armoured splendour. All are tasked with only one mission – the defence of the realm and the defence of mortalkind from the abominations that hunt it from the shadows. Resplendent in their faith and courage, they have held the monsters of ancient times back from the innocent and to this day they have not faltered.

As the great enemy rises in the West, it is yet to be seen if they can hold true to their oaths for much longer.

Nallaimor – The Ashen plain – ‘Steel and Fury’

Situated to the far West of the known world, Nallaimor borders with Tyran to the East, and Lenateth to the North. To its Northwest lies the Silver sea, and the great pinnacle that rises from its waters. Caught between the dragons of the pinnacle and the ever lurking threat of Isthameer to the Southwest, the people of Nallaimor have grown accustomed to war and hardship. Their lot is not a lucky one, for their land is a grey rocky landscape that ill favours crops and struggles to support its people. It is perhaps fortunate then that the mountains that range along their Southern border are filled with great seams of mineral ore. The mines of the Ashen plain are infamous for their cruelty and danger, but their wealth is without question.

Under constant raids from the barbarians of the North, the Nallaimorians have long looked to their neighbours in the East with envy and contempt. As the great enemy stirs, the black lion of Nallaimor stirs with it, and with the roar of its queen, war will soon be coming.


Lenateth – The Battlelands – ‘Blood and Sand!’

The dust swept land of Lenateth sits to the Northwest of the known world, its borders rife with monstrous dragons, barbaric tribesmen and ancient horrors. Even within this desert realm the land is infested with all manner of beasts and deadly creatures. It is no surprise that the united clans of Lenateth are a hardy and ferocious folk. Representing a great swathe of differing species, the Lenatethians share a unique culture that is tempered with near constant warfare and ritual battle. Quick to anger and to insult, the clans of Lenateth respect strength and despise shows of weakness in others.  It is said that no more dependable an ally could be brought, but no more deadly an enemy could be made.


Geranodor – The Merchant plain – ‘Geranodor first’

The people of the Northeastern realm of Geranodor are famed above all else for their wealth and skills at the market. Pioneering and industrious, Geranodorians have extended their influence across the known world and beyond – their ships crossing the great expanse of the Erasa sea to reach new lands beyond the horizon. Masters of the arcane and the technological, they have risen from the ashes of the war of Succession to dominate the commerce of the Seven plains. Geranodorians respect wealth above all else, even electing their kings on no more than wealth alone. After all, if one can make yourself wealthy enough to be considered, you can do the same for the country at large.

Pandering for the finer things at the cost of others has brought them many enemies however, and Geranodor steels itself always against the constant threat of Lenatethian raids and Charadonian piracy.


Charadon – The Misted realm – Never forgive

A blighted and vast stretch of saltmarsh that covers the coastline between Geranodor and Fal Shian, the realm of Charadon is an unforgiving and deadly place. Infested with deadly creatures and under constant threat of floods and other dangers, this is the home of the half elves. Driven here centuries before after the Fal Shian persecuted and drove out their lineage, the half elves have made their home in the great swamp. Made a brooding and hard people, they have forged a realm from nothing and their sleek ships cut through the waves of the ocean to rival Geranodor’s distant colonies with trading posts of their own. The half elves have never forgotten their treatment by the Fal Shian, the great forest looming at their border a constant reminder of the life denied them. Defiant and proud, skirmishes are common and chances of lasting peace slight. As the darkness grows, the half elves steel themselves once again to defend their people from persecution.

 Fal Shian – The Deepwood Realm – ‘All Grows’

The vast primordial forest of Fal Shian is one of the only true ancient realms left in Inwarden. Stretching across a range of spectacular white stone cliffs that range before the Great Erasa sea, the Deepwood reaches far inland, almost matching the entire breadth of the kingdom of Tyran for sheer scope and size. Within this ancient woodland dwell many forgotten creatures, but first among them are the proud and insular elves of the Fal Shian. Divided into many houses, the elves of the forest realm rarely venture into the world beyond. What little contact they have is always made to further the goals and needs of the Deepwood, even if it means manipulation and the sacrifice of others. Altruism is rare, for the elves are the longest lived of all mortalkin save the dragons, and they do not forget.


The Federated Holds – The Clans of the Passes – ‘Strength through unity’

Though dwarves exist throughout the realms of Inwarden, the first of their kind are the clansmen of the mountain passes.   Though not a realm in the classic sense, the Federation spreads its colonies across the entire length of the known world. Each hold an individual city state that makes part of a greater whole. Though lacking a central authority, the great gatherings of the dwarves are legendary events that mark the passing of ages and the reforging of ancient traditions. Though a widespread and hospitable people, the Holds are rarely disturbed from their mountain fastnesses and as the darkness gathers, it remains to be seen whether they will stir to the call.


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